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The Cemetery's Decorative Steel Fence and Gates

Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery

Established in 1853, Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Minneapolis and the only cemetery in Minnesota listed as an individual landmark on the National Register of Historic Sites. Despite the cemetery's historical significance, The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota named it one of Minnesota’s Ten Most Endangered Historic Places in 2008. Pollution, vandalism, and natural aging have all taken their toll.

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The cemetery’s decorative steel fence and gates are in desperate need of repair. Built in 1928, the fence is the cemetery’s best protection against vandalism. The fence is 1,953 feet long and contains 3,510 pickets. Estimates for repairing the fence range from $750,000 to $1,000,000. To date, we have $350,000 in state and city funds allocated to restoring the fence and other grant requests are pending.

Adopt-A-Picket Campaign
August 2009
Friends of the Cemetery hopes to raise $100,000 in private donations through the Adopt-A-Picket campaign. The cost of adopting a picket is $30 and donors will receive a limited-edition certificate of contribution. Donations of any size, larger or smaller, are welcome and may be sent to:
Friends of the Cemetery
P. O. Box 7345
Minneapolis, MN 55407

You can also donate online by going to PayPal.
Friends of the Cemetery is a tax-exempt organization and all contributions are tax deductible.
(See Fox 9 News Story)

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