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Planting the ceremonial Arbor Day tree
Planting the Ceremonial Tree

Photo: Courtesy of the Minneapolis Park
& Recreation Board

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Arbor Day

Honoring Our Legacy
150 Trees for 150 Years
May 17, 2003

In 2003, in honor of its 150th anniversary, Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery was selected as an Arbor Day regional planting site. Over 200 volunteers helped plant 150 trees--one for each of the cemetery's 150 years.

The planting helped bring about a plan that was developed by the Works Progress Administration in the 1930's. Large shade trees, including Autumn Blaze and Green Mountain Sugar Maples, were planted along Elizabeth Avenue, the cemetery's one paved road. An additional 27 specimen and evergreen trees were planted in the cemetery and boulevards to increase species diversity and provide wildlife habit.

The Arbor Day planting was a partnership among numerous City and neighborhood organizations, including the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, the Committee on Urban Environment, the Tree Trust, Green Space partners, the City of Minneapolis, the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, Phillips Community, and Friends of the Cemetery. Funding for the trees was provided a the U. S. Forest Service Inner City Grant" and Foster Wheeler Twin Cities, Inc. Local merchants and individual donors generously supported this historic event.